Shop Responsibly

Why on earth would you use organic cotton to produce something that’s never going near your mouth? We get asked this question a lot. Golf club covers are probably the most unusual product ever made with organic materials.

But the answer to the question is simple. Responsibility starts here.

A great deal of the local environmental degradation in Asia is caused by factories producing goods for export. We all routinely buy Asia-made goods, from toys to toothbrushes, but most of the time we have absolutely no way of knowing if these goods were produced responsibly.

What is worse is that, although we are all now focused on the dangers of global warming – something that threatens to affect us all – it is often the highly localised pollution that does most harm to people in Asia. Think of the farmer whose children play in the fields where the crops are sprayed, or the kids who play in the stream by the factory outflow.

We believe that change is not going to come from government intervention. It will only come from changes in market demand. We, as consumers, need to reward the companies who are taking care of the environment.

Buying organic is not just about avoiding ingesting chemical residues, it is also about making sure that our purchases are not contributing to the environmental destruction of Asia’s manufacturing heartland.

Our organic cotton is certified organic twice. It is certified grown organically and certified dyed organically, so that gives full reassurance that no harm was done during the farming of the cotton and the processing of the yarn.